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Workplace discrimination and mobbing / 1 day training

By: Clipcon Administration | July 13, 2020

The lecture explains what is harassment/mobbing and what is discrimination, the way they manifest themselves, and the focus on discrimination and harassment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of the lecture is for participants to learn what is harassment and discrimination; how it affects victims; the bases on which it is illegal to discriminate; how to recognise discrimination and harassment; on what bases they take place in BiH and in what way; when does legal responsibility fall cases and how to combat harassment and discrimination.


Difference between discrimination and harassment
Protected features
Forms of discrimination
Forms of harassment
Discrimination and harassment in BiH
Responsibility for discrimination and harassment
Negative effects
Recognition method
How to fight discrimination



Duration: 7 hours with lunch break and coffee break

Number of attendees: Minimum of 8 and maximum of 22

Price per attendee: 220,00 BAM for group up to 10 attendees or 190, 00 BAM for groups with 11 up to 22 attendees.

Place: Negotiable based of clients location and preferences

Trainer: Amina Kovacevic, certified trainer

More information: +387 66 370 140 or i[email protected]