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Targeted Selection Interview / 1 day training

By: Clipcon Administration | August 24, 2020

How to conduct an interview in the right way? Learn in this professional training! How to approach the candidate and what are the most effective questions for an interview?

The goal of the training is to learn which is the most adequate approach to candidates during the interview, how to choose the best candidates and on which questions to get the best answers.


Training topics:


Introduction to the topic

Planning interviews

What is meant by an interview?

Who should be involved?

Arranging an interview

Preparing the questions

Best and worst interview questions (examples)

What should we look at in candidate?

Writing notes (instructions)

Closing the interview

What to do after the interview?



Duration: 8 hours with lunch break and coffee break

Number of attendees: Minimum of 8 and maximum of 22

Price per attendee: 250,00 BAM for group up to 10 attendees or 220, 00 BAM for groups with 11 up to 22 attendees.

Place: Negotiable based of clients location and preferences

Trainer: Amina Kovacevic, certified trainer

More information: +387 66 370 140 or [email protected]