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Building a StoryBrand

By: Clipcon Administration | August 29, 2021

People don’t buy the best products; they buy the products they can understand the  fastest.  —DONALD MILLER,

 Your brand’s biggest enemy is noise. As such, your brand’s greatest oppor-  tunity is to use clear marketing to cut through the noise to reach your customer.  

These days, reaching your customer doesn’t mean you have to wait for them to  walk by your store or receive your monthly direct mailer. The ubiquity of social  media and the amount of time your potential customers spend on it mean that  your brand has countless opportunities every day to show your customer that you  are just what she needs to solve her problem.  You do that with a clear story.  

The StoryBrand is a communication and marketing  formula created by Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand. Thousands of companies  have used this formula to boost their marketing. It works because it appeals to our  most basic understanding of story as a means to captivate an audience. In fact,  some version of this formula has been used for thousands of years to tell stories.  

When you understand how it works, you can then create your own brand’s story (or StoryBrand BrandScript) to engage your customers and grow your business.  

According to our experience, pretty much every good story you’ve ever  heard breaks down into the following seven plot points: 

The Caracter

Has a Problem

And meets a Guide

Who gives them Plan

And calls them to action

That helps them avoid Failure

And ends in Success

Don’t leave “happily ever after” to the imagination. Your brand must be clear  about how you can really help people.

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