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Success factors in Promotion

By: Clipcon Administration | April 17, 2021

Promotion campaigns are not about winning awards for creative, building the  flashiest websites, gaming Google for higher rankings, generating mounds of  media coverage, or negotiating the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) in order to  interrupt the largest audience.

The job of a marketing/promotion agency is to produce results  that impact the bottom line. It’s that simple.  

Although traditional marketing firms rely on impressions, reach, advertising  equivalency, PR value, and other arbitrary measurements of success, marketing  firms now have the ability to consistently produce more meaningful outcomes—  inbound links, search engine rankings, click-through rates, website traffic, landing  page conversions, content downloads, blog subscribers, and leads—that can be  tracked in real time and directly correlated to sales.  

These success factors are how firms should and will be judged. 

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