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Online zoom meetings by ClipCon Sarajevo

By: Clipcon Administration | November 10, 2020

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the World to work from home, distance working was on the rise. In the last five years, the number of remote employees has increased by 44 percent. In the same time frame, searches for the term “telecommuting” on Google almost tripled.

Companies use a variety of online collaboration tools to make remote work easier. Zoom stands out as a leader in video conferencing for professionals. For remote teams, Zoom is a way to stay connected and have more productive meetings.

More and more people are looking for ways to connect with distant employees as well as friends and clients. Analysts predict that Zoom’s average revenue estimate will increase by 48 percent in fiscal 2021.

Why is Zoom so popular? It is easy to use. If you use Zoom on your computer, all you need is a web browser to log in to the call. And Zoom provides an app for Android and iOS devices, so joining a meeting from your phone is just as easy.

ClipCon Sarajevo provides its clients with assistance in organizing and managing Zoom meetings for teams.

Below are detailed instructions for individual use of the Zoom application:

Zoom is an application (such as Skype or Viber) that is made for the purpose of virtual communication and conducting online meetings.

  1. Zoom installation

Click on the link:, then click the “Download” button (first in line – “Zoom Client for Meetings”)

Find the location where the “Zoominstaller” was downloaded on your computer or mobile phone (in “Downloads” or on the desktop) and then click on it to start the installation. After installation, open your “account”.

  1. Entering a meeting

After installation, a window appears where you can select “Join a meeting” and “Sign in”. Until the date of our workshop, you can close Zoom.

You will receive an invitation by e-mail to the meeting (ie workshop) where the link is located. Click on the link to enter the Zoom application. We kindly ask you to click on the link about 15 minutes before the start of the workshop. You will need to enter the “ID” and “Password” of the meeting (not your own!) Which you will receive in the same e-mail.

In the event that the internet connection is interrupted during the workshop, you can re-join the workshop via the same link that you received by e-mail. We recommend that you always have it on hand.

  1. Technical recommendations for higher quality of work

We recommend using headphones for significantly better sound quality.
Please adjust the camera at eye level, ie. that when you see yourself on screen, you see your whole face.

  1. Options in the application

You probably won’t need to use these options during the workshop, but two may be useful in some situations. Additional options are located at the bottom of the screen, on the icon bar. Here is the functionality of those icons that could be useful to you:

microphone icon – if you want to mute the sound briefly so that other participants cannot hear you, click on this icon. Remember to turn the sound back on later.

camera icon – if you want to turn off the camera briefly so that other participants cannot see you, click on this icon. Don’t forget to turn the video back on later.

Chat icon – clicking on this icon opens a window on the right side of the screen where you have the opportunity to correspond with other participants. At the bottom of the window on the left is the option “To” – by clicking on it in the drop-down menu, the names of all persons participating in the workshop will appear. When you choose to chat with everyone, everyone will see your message. If you only want to correspond with a certain person (one, two or more of them), select only her; In that case, no one will see your communication except the chosen person. You will probably not need the remaining options at the workshop. Otherwise, the facilitators will explain their use.

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