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By: Clipcon Administration | September 6, 2020

Recruitment Marketing is the process of building and communicating organization’s Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to attract and hire top talent. 

Recruitment Marketing definition

Recruitment Marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing talented individuals to your organization by marketing to them. The main goal of recruitment marketing is to drive individuals to apply to the open positions your company has available. Recruitment marketing is the earliest stage of talent acquisition. 

Recruitment Marketing can be simplified by instituting recruitment some of the marketing softwares available on the market. Recruiters can also save time by scheduling automated emails that allow candidates to see open job requisitions that are relevant to them.

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

Some of the main goals of every Recruitment Marketing strategy is Candidate Experience and Candidate Engagement. In order to attract candidates, companies use solutions offered by Recruitment Marketing platforms to better communicate their Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition. 

Should you do Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing helps employers showcase their Employer Brand and increase brand awareness. As the War for talent is getting more intense, many employers are adopting this discipline so that they can attract talented people. 

Recruitment marketing has to be strategic, and it’s often done in collaboration with marketing teams. 

So if you are trying to build brand awareness and attract people to your organization, you should start with Recruitment Marketing!

Recruitment Marketing tools

As mentioned earlier, there are many different HR tools that can help you optimize your Recruitment Marketing strategy. 

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