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Creative ways to promote an Event

By: Clipcon Administration | March 15, 2020

Facebook ads

Are you wondering how to promote an event on Facebook? Well, it isn’t hard. Use promotional ads to target your appropriate audience that will be interested in attending the event. Create an attractive and precise ad so that one glance is enough to provide enough event information.

You can set the audience to be those people who visited the website already and left without purchasing the event ticket. This remarketing or retargeting strategy can be extremely helpful as well as an efficient way of how to promote an event.

Facebook events and pages

Other than spending money on promotional ads, there is another way of how to promote an event on Facebook. You can create an event and a page dedicated to your event. Keep posting updates on the event. You can also keep up a countdown to keep reminding people of your event. This creative way to promote an event will also get you more followers for your business page.

Previous highlights

A quick video showcasing highlights from a previous successful event is helpful since it gives viewers an idea of what kind of an event to look forward to.

The tip here is to use an eye-catching thumbnail. People usually scroll through social medias but stop on videos that look interesting. Use this technique for an effective way of promoting event details.

Promotion through attendees

You can use the help of people who are attending the event already. If someone buys a ticket, give them an option to share the news with their friends on social medias. Provide promotions like discounts for people who suggest other friends visit the event too. You can also introduce special offers on purchase of group tickets.

Blog posts and bloggers

Blogging is all the rage these days. Any event or brand that makes an appearance on a blog gets a lot of publicity. People follow their favorite blogger’s suggestions religiously these days. Sponsor some bloggers to write a post about your upcoming event.

Provide a discount or other special offer for people who buy tickets through the blog post. Another tip is to invite bloggers who post the same genre as your business fits in. The blogger’s friends and fan will visit too. You will get some relevant guests along with event visitors.

Promote chief guests

Just like bloggers, the people who are your special guests at the event also have a fan following. Let people know who’ll be appearing at your event. Provide a little bio of your guests. People who share similar interests would love to experience an event where their interests are catered.

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